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"REDOX Life" Book

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REDOX LIFE (2013), written by leading researcher Dr. AS Naidu, is the most comprehensive reference volume on the field of redox science to date. This book will take you on a stunning visual journey over five chapters that unfold the impact and implications of redox on human health and medicine.

REDOX LIFE is a 534-page authoritative work that elucidates fundamental redox principles in chemistry and biology, uncovers the role of redox interventions in medicine, and captures the interplay between good health and redox-supportive nutrients. This book cites the work of over 150 Nobel Laureates and explains the impact of over 1500 scientific publications on the evolution of life under the influence of REDOX.

REDOX Life is a must-read for physicians, healthcare providers, scientists, students and individuals interested in understanding the role of Redox in human health.

REDOX Life (Bio-Rep Media Education Series Volume 757) is a comprehensive work that will take you through the following 5 chapters:

Chapter 1: REDOX Principles 
All biological processes, from cell division, to secretion, to cell migration in an early embryo, require energy. Thus, without a constant supply (capture and release) of energy, life on earth would cease to exist. This chapter introduces some of the key REDOX principles that support these energy transfer mechanisms.

Chapter 2: REDOX Chemistry 
The average adult human body contains at least detectable traces of 60 chemical elements; 20 of these are known to play an active positive role in REDOX life. This chapter explains how human biochemistry interplays with transition metals, reactive oxygen species (ROS), reactive nitrogen species (RNS), reactive sulfur species (RSS), and free radicals.

Chapter 3: REDOX Biology 
REDOX plays a pivotal role in various biochemical processes of living organisms, including energy production (ATP generation), host defense (phagocytic killing of pathogens) and cell signaling. In this chapter, you will learn about the various enzymes and regulatory proteins that tightly control these processes.

Chapter 4: REDOX Medicine 
REDOX Medicine deals with the metabolic states of health and disease based on the movement of oxygen (O2) and its reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS/RNS) through cellular pathways. This chapter explores over 30 major clinical conditions and elucidates the role of REDOX pharmaceutical interventions in their treatment.

Chapter 5: REDOX Nutrition 
Nutrition is the provision of chemicals necessary to support metabolism of cells and organisms. In this chapter, explore how antioxidants and other REDOX supportive nutrients are critical to sustaining good health.

"Redox is the driving force for life on Earth. The universe is always moving towards disorder (an increase in entropy or randomness) and a living cell is a protest against this 2nd law of thermodynamics. Life is a constant battle with entropy; however, it ultimately loses and dies." Page 3

"The free radical chemistry in the cerebral hemispheres and the resulting REDOX potential has empowered humans to satisfy their trail of blazing questions with complex hypotheses." Page 99

"The human birth is a cold hyperoxygenic shock and the survival of a newborn depends on REDOX potential." Page 340

"Human beings are free radical species in the universe of REDOX life." Back Cover