The Human Body

Systems of the human body

The only place you live in, your only home, is your Body.
It Speaks to you. So Listen to it. Understand it.
Above all, Take Care of it.

The human body is composed of 12 physiological systems, which work in tandem to conduct the Symphony of Life. The systems include - i. Cardio-Vascular (Circulatory), ii. Dermal (Integumentary), iii. Endocrine (Glandular), iv. Gastro-Intestinal (Digestive), v. Immune (Host Defense), vi. Lymphatic, vii. Muscular, viii. Neuro-Cognitive (Nervous), ix. Osteo (Skeletal), x. Reproductive (Genital), xi. Respiratory (Ventilatory) and xii. Urinary (Excretory).

Based on Principles of bioQuad®, the functions and dysfunctions, the damages and repairs, the age-related performance decline, the nutrigenomics, the life-style and environmental susceptibilities are completely different among these 12 systems. The conditions common to heart are different from the bone or brain; therefore, nutritional formulations should be designed not only for specific systems, but should also comply with genders, specific age groups and more importantly the geographic regions (‘Biomics’). Interestingly, the health issues of France/Western Europe are not similar or comparable to other continents.

bioQuad® Life Sciences is aware of the influence of ‘Biomics’ on the health status of geographical regions. Nutritional supplements in future will follow the bioQuad® principles, incorporating ‘Biomics’, conservative dosage regimens with target-delivery mechanisms, self-care (with personalized rapid and simple diagnostic tests) and more importantly an evidence-based nutritional supplements.

Gastro-Intestinal System

Immune System

Skeletal System